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I made my 22 mo old daughter an LED light suit costume. Looks hilarious!

> This might just be the coolest baby costume in the entire world.

> Her voice and movement remind me of Boo from Monsters Inc.

> You should probably let her run loose in all the dark areas of your neighborhood on Halloween night.

> Sweet, I can’t wait to show my 421 month old girlfriend this!


Hummingbird snoring

> That’s about the cutest thing I’ve seen today.


How to fight a baby

> That look after he got done tickling him.

> Guy’s all show and no experience. Off the streets, in the real world, or an actual ring, he would be owned in 3 seconds flat.

> This dude is insane! He should not fight a baby like that, he’s lucky that baby didn’t go berserk and send him to the hospital.
> Baby slaps do hurt. Their fingers slap your face with a force that I still can’t understand.
> What do I do if the baby is armed with a piece of fresh fruit?
> That first move was really impressive. Never seen that baby throwing technique before.


Random encounter: Man is forced into pillow fight in broad daylight

> Lol, his face at the end is just like, “Yeah, no ones gonna believe that story”

> The big guy won on points.

> Assault with a bedly weapon.

(via videohall)


People trying to walk against the wind in Norway

> TIL police are immune to wind.

> That’s some top notch Viking Police work.

> It’s illegal to play in the wind in Norway, so that’s why the police arrest that photographer and the old man.

(via videohall)


Monkey teaches Human how to Crush Leaves

> I really wish he would have ground up the leaves better for the monkey.

> This was the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. Does anyone know why do they crush leaves?

> That was really calming.

> I like at around 0:32 when the guy opens his hand and the monkey picks up the leaves and smashes them back down onto his palm, lol.

"Crush these better, human! THEY ARE NOT CRUSHED ENOUGH!"


So ehh, yeah. 3D printed salsa dancing tarantula…

> This is far too adorable. Spiders shouldn’t be this adorable.


Wait a second, am I tripping balls?

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